Who is Volli?

Healer Volli is a man who has helped thousands of people with his given power. He has cured the incurable and given hope to many who had lost it.

Volli’s work has been noticed and valued abroad. He has been awarded several high international honors. He is the only Baltic healer who has received a blessing letter from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. This is a very important and rarely given recognition, which requires doing something truly special to receive.

The European Academy of Natural Sciences has nominated Volli for several high honors: for his special services to science, education, and culture, he has been awarded the city of Rome’s parchment and medal, and the Teutonic Order’s diploma and Knight’s Cross on an order ribbon.

Volli is a member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences and a Master of the Latvian Academy of Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine. Volli’s patients have included Marko Reikop, Eri Klas, Reet Linna, and others.